How To Make The Origami Things Star Flower

The Origami Things Star Flower was discovered by me while I was randomly folding piece of paper, and I just sort of came across this unique design! It was one of those flashes, where the idea just got me! It was a hit among my family, so I decided to post about it here... and people loved it here, to! Everyone loved it! even though it didn't look like any real flower, it still looked good. At that time, I didn't have a name for it, but a fan of this blog, +Lesley Collier, helped me realize that it was abstract. It looks like a star if you look at it from the top, as you can see in the picture above, so I named it the Origami Things Star Flower! I figured you would want to know how to fold it, so here's how!

Origami Things Star Flower Folding Instructions

1. Start with a 6x6 inch square piece of paper. This is standard Origami paper, so it's not hard to find. Use any color you want, this project doesn't have a certain color that it looks best with, so try any! I used paper that is yellow on both sides, but you don't need it to be colored on both sides! If it isn't, then just start with the paper color side up, so that the color shows on the outside after you've folded the next step.

2. Do an Origami Bird Base. If you don't know how to do this, then Click Here. The link will take you to, which has good instructions for how to make the Bird Base. If you are using paper that's white on one side, then you should have the color side on the outside, and the white side on the inside right now. Rotate so that the bottom is at the top and the top is at the bottom.

3. Once rotated, the legs should be on top, and the flaps on the bottom, like in the pictures.

4. Fold up. This is not an exact fold, just fold up about as much as the pictures show.

5. Now flip the paper over and do the same on the other side. Make sure that the folds line up with each other!

6. Fold only the top layer over, so it looks like the second picture.

7. Fold down like shown.

8. Fold up, so that it lines up with the other fold up you made. I will highlight the triangle's edges that need to line up with these folds, so that you aren't confused. The Green is the triangle that you can see. The white is a hidden line. It should look like the second picture when you are done. I know this looks confusing, but it's actually quite easy if you pay attention! You'll get it!
Note: The lines don't have to line up exactly. In the second picture, they are a little off, but it will always do that, and it still looks nice!

9. Fold top layer in half like shown two times. Make sure it looks like the second picture!

10. Repeat steps 7-8, like in the following pictures. It should look like the last picture when you're done.

11. Do step 9, but fold to the left, and only do it once. The picture shows the top view of what your project should look like. Now there should be two flaps on each side.

12. Now on each flap you are going to fold down, to make the petals. This step is tricky to put into pictures without taking forever, so I made a video for you. Videos are sometimes much easier to understand! Just do what I do in the video, and it'll be fine! Like in steps 4-10, they won't be exact folds. Just fold about as much as I show in the video!
Note: For those who have translated this page into a different language with Google Translator, don't worry! The video is mute, so you don't have to understand English!

13. You should have this if you did it right.

14. If your flower looks like the one in step 13, then you're nearly done! Fold this triangle up, then unfold. Use that crease to tuck the triangle into the flap.

15. Okay, now you just have to open it out. Open out the triangles that where folded in step 12, so that they are flat, and open the bottom so that the flower can stand up. You're done! Your flower should look like the one here and the one at the top of the page!

Congratulations! You have finished making the Origami Things Star Flower! Yay!


Anonymous said...

These are really good instructions Asher! i might even have to try it someday, if i have time. Hmmm...maybe I would have time if someone helped me around the house more;)

Asher Peterson said...

Yeah... I have to make time to even post on this blog once a day, so I definitely understand! :) Thanks for sharing that you like these instructions! It took a long time to make them, and you have, honestly, made me proud that I made them up!

Have a good day Anonymous, and thank you for being the first one to comment on this page!