Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The CrumpleGami Master! (Sample Of Funny Times)

Hey guys! I haven't been posting for a while on this blog, but that's going to change! Plus, this is my blog's 60th post anniversary! Don't want to miss it!

Yeah, 'cause I'm in it!

I was getting to that...

No you weren't!

Sure I was! Okay guys, that's Matthew Dymowski, one of my best friends ever! He is in our new blog. Anyway, so this is a sample of what our new blog, Funny Times's posts look like. But this time, we have Origami Instructions!  So let's begin!

Yeah! To make CrumpleGami, get nice, crisp, beautiful paper and fold it in half. Then you SMASH IT, BREAK IT, AND CRUMPLE IT SO HARD THAT IT LOOKS LIKE A DEMENTED BALL! Then you have, the beautiful work of art, CrumpleGami! It takes a master to do it!

Yeah... Okay, we're going to give you some picture instructions in case you didn't get that:

1. Okay, you will need the most manliest color (white) and it should be a rectangular piece. Now you should have this:

2. Now fold in half...

3. Now you just crumple it like there's no tomorrow!!! Get it as small as possible:

Okay, that's it! CrumpleGami! If you liked this post, then you can view more funny posts on me and Matt's blog, Funny Times: The Ultimate Duo!
Seeya everybody!

Have fun with the CrumpleGami!

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