Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dollar Bill Origami: The Origami Dollar Ring

Okay, so I had pretty good inspiration for this post. Today I was at my desk, when I found a 2 dollar bill behind it. (For those of you who are not American, dollars are a big part of our currency!) I saw that it had a bunch of creases in it, and it reminded me of Dollar Bill Origami, which I haven't done in, like, forever! So I Google Searched "dollar bill origami" and got this: The Origami Dollar Ring!

Fear not! If you are not from the USA and don't have any dollar bills, just get out your ruler, pencil, and paper and cut a piece of paper with a Height of 66 millimeters (or 2.6 inches) and Width of 156 millimeters (or 6.1 inches) and then you'll be all set up! To fold the ring, go here.

A Few Fun Facts!

1. In the USA, it used to be that they only used coins, then they started giving people "Federal Reserve Notes" that when they showed them they'd get that much money. But the government ended up giving out too much of them, and they turned into the actual money! They still put the words "Federal Reserve Note" on them today!

2. The back of the 2 dollar bill is a picture of the signing of the Declaration of Independance!

Have a very rich day!

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