Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Origami: The Origami Dolphin

Hey! I'm back! Has anybody missed me? Well, this is going to be a good post, because it's all about Summer Origami! Summer is here! Raise your hand if you love summer weather! Oh, wait, this is a computer screen! :D Anyway, I have 2 Origami Dolphins for you. One for beginners (see the picture above) and one for advanced folders (see picture below).

The more advanced one looks better, because it's 3D, but it's very hard. The easier one is , well, easier, but doesn't look quite as good. You can pick which one you would like to fold! I folded the easy one!


Click Here To Fold The Easy Origami Dolphin

Click Here To Fold The Advanced Origami Dolphin

Have an awesome day, everyone!


Origami said...

it's like my website

Asher Peterson said...

Hi Origami! What's your website address?