Friday, June 28, 2013

Inkscape: The Ultimate Diagrammer!

The best Origami Diagrammer there is... inkscape!
Inkscape is a program that I recommend installing if you want to make Origami Diagrams. It is extremely useful, and can do many, many things. It isn't specifically designed for Origami Diagramming, but it works very well in doing so. It actually is designed for any sort of diagramming, along with editing photos, making graphs, and more (such as my website favicon, which I made with inkscape) ! When you first get it, inkscape can be very confusing. There are lots of tools and settings you need to know. Go to the How To Make Origami Diagrams page to learn more about inkscape!

To visit inkscape's official site, click here. To download inkscape for Windows immediately, go here. If that doesn't work, you can install inkscape portable for Windows (like I did) which is the same exact thing and comes with inkscape, here. To download for Windows as a 7zip file, go here. If you want inkscape for Macintosh, go here.

Thanks for reading this post! Have a good time Origami Diagramming!

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