Thursday, May 16, 2013

Origami Dog

I know what you're thinking, "To much posts on the same website, Asher! Post about something else!", but I just couldn't resist this cute little Origami Puppy Dog! It's very good for decoration, and it is very easy to make. It just wouldn't do if I didn't post this! If you would like to fold it, then go to the links below.
Anyway, the guy that made the site I keep posting about, the site you keep going to ( , well, that's not his actual site! On his official site, he has Origami books, DVDs, and more! His official site is You should check it out!


For Instructions For The Origami Dog, Go To This Link, Click Fold More Models, Click Origami Now, Click The Origami Dog!

Have a good Thursday afternoon!

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