Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Origami 2013: The Origami Eagle

This is a nice Origami Eagle, and I think it is perfect for Memorial Day! To fold it, go to the links section.

If any of you are american (like me) you'll probably know what Memorial Day is for. Just in case you don't, however, I'll tell you...
Memorial Day is about remembering the men and women at arms who's lives where taken for america. It is an important day, especially if one of your relatives has died in a fight for america.
If you aren't american and are wondering why I chose to do the Origami Eagle for this occasion, I'll tell you this: the eagle is basically america's mascot, and is very symbolic. I won't go into all of that detail now, but I'll just tell you that there's a lot of meaning behind it.

Thank you for checking out my blog on Memorial Day! I hope you enjoy folding the Origami Eagle!


Click Here To Go To The Diagram Of The Origami Eagle, By Sara Adams

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