Saturday, April 6, 2013

Simple Origami Rose

I found a rose that is pretty easy, and looks great! I downloaded the diagram because I liked it so much! I might even print it for my cousin! :) Anyway, most of this is just folding the sides to the center, and that's why it's so easy! When you open it out enough, it looks very good! You should definitely try it! Oh, and for those of you who are having trouble, I could possibly make a video tutorial. But I won't make one unless you need it, so comment if you want it, or forever hold your peace!
Here is the link, since the picture above is too small! Oh, and here's a picture of the rose I made with this diagram:

There are millions of Rose Diagrams out there! If you Google search them, you'll find a bunch! Have a great day!


jbird shiflett said...

cool you did a good job doing that!

Asher Peterson said...

Thank you, Jbird! I think I did a good job, too! ;) Thanks for commenting! Have a great day!