Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Garden Origami

I don't know about you, but where I live, it's just beginning to feel like spring! It was about 80 Degrees today, and it was beautiful, so me and my family went to Longwood Gardens, a public garden located in Kennet Square, PA. It was beautiful! The spring flowers where in bloom! And so I decided to show you some pictures of Longwood Gardens, and, more importantly, garden Origami! So I will post some more flowers, and some other nice things, like trees. They may be difficult to fold, just warning you! :)

Pictures Of Longwood Gardens

Here are some pictures I took of Longwood Gardens for you:

These pictures are of a certain flower called... well, I forget what they're called! But they are pretty! These where not planted, they just grow naturally there every year! The second picture is the flower's description, but I can't read it in the picture!

This is a dried up creek bed. Water is not flowing through it quite yet. But it will be soon!

This is the old Chimes Tower. One of the historical monuments of Longwood Gardens, this tower is really old, but still plays every hour today, and, sometimes, plays a song!

Garden Origami

Okay, here's some Origami I found online that looks cool and is related to gardening:

Origami Pine Tree (Instructions Included)

I found lots of Origami Tulips:

Origami Tulip (Instructions Included)

Traditional Origami Tulip (Instructions Included)

I also found some other flowers:

Origami Bellflower (Instructions Included)

Origami Lily (Instructions Included)

Origami Flower (Instructions Included)

That's all for this post! I hoped you like it! I will probably be making some of these! Have an awesome day!


Anonymous said...

This is really lovely, the first picture is like a dream, thanks for share this beatiful experience with all of us!!!!!!!

Asher Peterson said...

Thank you, Claudia! I picked my best pictures for this post! I am truly glad you like it! I think that Longwood Gardens is beautiful, and if you live close enough, you definitely should go there sometime!