Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Origami!

Okay, today I made the best Origami project in the world, everyone is paying me millions of dollars to publish it, and I broke the world record of best Origami in the world. APRIL FOOLS! Ha! Did I have you going there? Probably not, but I wanted to share about April Fools today, so there you go. If any of you do Google, then you have probably tried the new "Google Nose Beta" where you can actually sniff your screen and it gives off certain scents! Click here to try it out! Ha, ha, ha, ha, did anyone get fooled by this "Google Nose Beta" thing? Comment if you did! I can't believe it! They actually got me to sniff my computer screen!

Anyway, did you know that if you do ten reverse folds in a row on top of each other, then it'll make a star shape? Try it!

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