Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Origami Sakuraso (Primula)

This Origami project is yet another Origami flower that is very good looking and not that hard to fold! I found it on happyfolding.com, and it's great for decoration in your home! The link below takes you to the diagram for this Sakuraso. I hope you have fun making it!


Origami Sakuraso (Primula) Folding Instructions

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Origami Turtle

Okay, I was going to do a post about Origami Paper, but decided on just posting about an Origami Turtle! This Origami Turtle is actually pretty good, and easy to! Definitely something to try (after you've finished making the Origami Things Star Flower, of course! :D) ! The link is below, so you can check it out right now!


Origami Turtle Instructions

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Revising The Origami Things Star Flower

I am still working on revising the Origami Things Star Flower, and finally thought of something... not doing a Cushion Fold as the first step! I found that deleting that step made the project look the same, because it didn't need that step, and it made it bigger! Before, it was actually really small, but now, it's a lot better! Look at the picture below. Do you see the different size? Comment if you think that it is better! It looks the same, just bigger and less thick!

Plus, I am not having www.origami-things.stinge.com after all. I decided that it would be just too much trouble!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Origami Cootie Catcher

Okay, this one's a classic, the Cootie Catcher. But I just wanted to post about it for some reason! Here Is The Link To The Diagram, And How To Use The Cootie Catcher. If you need help, like always, comment and I will help as best as I can!

Instructions for the flower I made in the last post are coming out in a future post, hopefully within the next five posts, thanks to Lesley Collier's positive comment! She got me going! Thanks Lesley! And thanks to all people who commented! Be patient! The instructions are coming soon!

Have an awesome day! :)

I have finally named the flower! The Origami Things Star Flower! My signature design! Here is a sneak peak of the crease pattern:

Friday, April 12, 2013

Some Sort Of Awesome Flower I made...

Okay guys, I have a real treat for you today! I invented my own flower! Here's the side view, to!

I have not made instructions for it yet, but I can tell you that it is made by doing a Cushion Fold and then a Bird Base. I may come out with instructions for this in one of my next posts, if you want it. It's completely up to you. If you comment to say if you want it, I will. Also, please comment with the name of the flower you think it looks most like, because I don't know what to call it yet! It looks a little like a sprouting flower... but I don't know, so please feel free to tell me! Alright, that's all for this post! Can't wait to post tomorrow!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Origami Twisty Rose

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking! "Another Origami Rose???" There are millions of Origami Roses, I admit, but I just had to post this one! It looks really nice, and, well, due to it's name, it is very twisty! This design was actually pretty easy! In fact, I'd only rate it intermediate, not hard! I thought it would be hard by how it looked, but it ended up not being hard at all! You should use the video they have for it, though, not the written instructions, because there are some complicated parts that are better explained in the video. All in all, this Origami Rose is really awesome though, and you should definitely try it out!

Click Here For Origami Twisty Rose Instructions!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Garden Origami

I don't know about you, but where I live, it's just beginning to feel like spring! It was about 80 Degrees today, and it was beautiful, so me and my family went to Longwood Gardens, a public garden located in Kennet Square, PA. It was beautiful! The spring flowers where in bloom! And so I decided to show you some pictures of Longwood Gardens, and, more importantly, garden Origami! So I will post some more flowers, and some other nice things, like trees. They may be difficult to fold, just warning you! :)

Pictures Of Longwood Gardens

Here are some pictures I took of Longwood Gardens for you:

These pictures are of a certain flower called... well, I forget what they're called! But they are pretty! These where not planted, they just grow naturally there every year! The second picture is the flower's description, but I can't read it in the picture!

This is a dried up creek bed. Water is not flowing through it quite yet. But it will be soon!

This is the old Chimes Tower. One of the historical monuments of Longwood Gardens, this tower is really old, but still plays every hour today, and, sometimes, plays a song!

Garden Origami

Okay, here's some Origami I found online that looks cool and is related to gardening:

Origami Pine Tree (Instructions Included)

I found lots of Origami Tulips:

Origami Tulip (Instructions Included)

Traditional Origami Tulip (Instructions Included)

I also found some other flowers:

Origami Bellflower (Instructions Included)

Origami Lily (Instructions Included)

Origami Flower (Instructions Included)

That's all for this post! I hoped you like it! I will probably be making some of these! Have an awesome day!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Origami Ninja Star

Origami Ninja Stars are so fun! You can make one now by Clicking Here! They are pretty easy to throw, to!

Sorry about the short post today, I'm busy! I have to go to church soon! See you later! Comment if you need help making the Ninja Star, I've memorized how to do it!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Simple Origami Rose

I found a rose that is pretty easy, and looks great! I downloaded the diagram because I liked it so much! I might even print it for my cousin! :) Anyway, most of this is just folding the sides to the center, and that's why it's so easy! When you open it out enough, it looks very good! You should definitely try it! Oh, and for those of you who are having trouble, I could possibly make a video tutorial. But I won't make one unless you need it, so comment if you want it, or forever hold your peace!
Here is the link, since the picture above is too small! Oh, and here's a picture of the rose I made with this diagram:

There are millions of Rose Diagrams out there! If you Google search them, you'll find a bunch! Have a great day!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Origami Star Wars: How To Fold R2-D2 and C3-P0

Alright, so these projects are really easy. You just make a couple of simple folds, doodle on your creation a bit, and ta-da! It's R2-D2 or C3-P0! These instructions are from "ART2-D2's Guide To Folding And Doodling" by Tom Angleberger. You may have heard of him. He is author of "The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda" series. I know, these books are for kids, but I got it anyway, cause it teaches you how to draw to! And I stink at drawing! :) Here are the instructions! Please know that these projects need to be doodled on to actually look like the characters! Note: In the book, the call R2-D2 ART2-D2! :)

ART2-D2 And C3-P0 Folding Instructions

1. Start with a regular piece of printer paper. Fold it in half both ways, and cut on those lines. Take two of the mini rectangles you have just made. This is the paper you're going to be using.

2. Get a rectangle, and lay it so that it's wide, not tall. Like this. This is going to be ART2-D2. Get your second rectangle, and lay it so that it's tall, not wide. This will be C3-P0

3. Start with the wide piece of paper, and fold the top down as much as you want ART2-D2's head to be in size.

4. Flip paper over. Fold sides over like so, so that one is over top of the other.

5. Now fold from corner to corner on both flaps, like in the picture.

6. Flip paper over. fold back corners to make a dome on top for ART2-D2's head.

7. Fold bottom back, and sides back.

8. Alright, the last step is to doodle on ART2-D2 to make him look real! Follow the steps in the pictures below!

9. Alright, to hold this puppet, flip the puppet over, and put your finger in where indicated in the pictures. You are finished! To fold C3-P0, do the same thing, but start with your paper tall, and don't fold the bottom back! Then doodle on it to make C3-P0!

That's it! This post took a long time, and that's why I haven't posted in 2 days! :) Hope you liked it!

I need to hear from you! Please comment if you like a post, need help in making a project, or want to give your opinion! Thank you! And, if you don't want to miss any of my posts, follow my Google+ page, +Origami Things, or follow my blog on blogger! Thanks!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Origami Panda

Hey guys! Sorry the picture is blurry! I had to use my webcam! I decided to post an Origami Panda design today! I made mine brown because I don't have white and black paper! Anyway, this project is actually pretty neat, because it's very easy and looks nice. You have to start with a Waterbomb Base, and if you aren't familiar with that base, then you can click the link to it, then click the link to the diagram and finish the project!


Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Origami!

Okay, today I made the best Origami project in the world, everyone is paying me millions of dollars to publish it, and I broke the world record of best Origami in the world. APRIL FOOLS! Ha! Did I have you going there? Probably not, but I wanted to share about April Fools today, so there you go. If any of you do Google, then you have probably tried the new "Google Nose Beta" where you can actually sniff your screen and it gives off certain scents! Click here to try it out! Ha, ha, ha, ha, did anyone get fooled by this "Google Nose Beta" thing? Comment if you did! I can't believe it! They actually got me to sniff my computer screen!

Anyway, did you know that if you do ten reverse folds in a row on top of each other, then it'll make a star shape? Try it!