Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Mandala Carla

It's Tuesday, and the first day of my new blog! This is the blog for the Google+ page, +Origami Things! You can go to the Google+ page now by clicking that name! Anyway, the post for the day is about a project from +Go Origami!'s website, www.goorigami.com! +Go Origami! is another Google+ page, and is, I admit, more popular than mine! :) It is the most popular Origami Google+ page, in fact! And the project is called the Mandala Carla!

The Mandala Carla:

Okay, so this design is another Origami Star, and it's relatively easy! It looks very pretty on the front, which is shown in the picture, but slightly weird on the back, just warning you! But that's no reason not to make it! This project is very easy and very awesome! The only problem is the last unit, but once you get where it is supposed to go, you'll be alright! This is a Modular Origami project, so you need to make several units and put them together! Here is the information you need to make the project! Good luck making it!

Mandala Carla Description:

Link: Mandala Carla Diagram

Number Of Units Needed: 8

Unit Size: Half of any sized square, depending on how big you want the model

Colors Needed: 2, 4 of each color

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