Friday, March 29, 2013

Origami Star Wars Clone Trooper (by me!)

Okay, so this one is the Origami Clone Trooper, created by me! I've always loved Star Wars, and I've always loved Origami, so I like to mix the two! It's actually really fun! To make this, you actually need two pieces of paper, and you put them together, so it's basically Modular Origami! I have to admit though, I did cut in one step, to make the eyes. I couldn't think of anything else! But it's still a good project, and I hope you like it!

I didn't use white and black paper, though, because I don't have that. I will probably be posting the instructions to make this project tomorrow. If you have white and black paper, then great, because it will probably work!

Update! Added the three folds you must know to do Origami in the "What Is Origami?" page! Check it out now! Click here! Or click the "What Is Origami?" tab at the top of the page! Thank you!

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